Practical Solutions for Better Performance

My passion is to improve the work life and performance of health workers in facilities and in communities -- who then provide better care to mothers, children, and families. This passion began early on in the private sector as HR Director for a consulting firm that believed that the workforce was the key to successful business.

I still believe it. When workers are fulfilled and successful, the result is positive.

I have lived and worked in countries in conflict and fragile states, including Iraq, Colombia, Congo, Somalia, and Haiti. My work has also taken me to Armenia, Bangladesh, Benin, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Madagascar, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria,Tanzania, and Uganda. 

With over twenty years in international health, quality improvement and human performance improvement in Africa, Asia and Latin America, I have extensive experience in human resource strategy development, implementation and roll out, in both private and public sector environments. I am experienced in a variety of approaches to improve quality and performance, including collaborative improvement, human performance technology (HPT), human resources management, organizational development, talent management, and leadership development.

I specialize in the development of simple tools and approaches that are pragmatic and work in the field. I developed the CHW AIM Toolkit to assess and improve community health worker program functionality which has been widely used by organizations, such as World Vision International, rolled out nationally in Kenya as a method for CHW program improvement. In the words of the USAID CTO: " I am confident that the model that you provided for quickly assessing and then improving CHW programs will have growing influence globally. It's evidence-based and feasible, and I don't see how CHW programs could go back to their previous approaches." 

I was recently presented with an official recognition award from the government of Niger for the quality and impact of my services to the health sector in Niger. 

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